Hugs4Music until the night of San Lorenzo

L’abbraccio più forte is at the MAC Museum of Contemporary Art in Sao Paulo with over 100 soundtracks received. But the social call for music continues until August 10th!

“It’s been 3 months since the launch of the social call, and I am really happy with the enthusiasm and affection that rose from #Hugs4Music. Music is restarting, concerts and performances are on the horizon again and in our small way we have reminded everyone that art and culture, even before being a set of works, are networks of people who share values ​​and sensibilities. Hugs4Music is an example of the extraordinary things that can arise when so many creatives come together to send a message.
But the hugging does not stop. Anyone wishing to participate by sending an original song has until August 10th, the night of San Lorenzo.
A heartfelt thanks to all those who participated and who want to join”.

The video animation with over 100 soundtracks received and a specially made fresco is included in the exhibition “Além de 2020, Arte italiana na pandemia”, curated by Teresa Emanuele and Nicolas Ballario at the MAC USP Museum of Contemporary Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil.