The digital work Underneath was born in spring 2021 and is part of the experimentation path of digital, sculpture and animation techniques, technologies and tools that I have been pursuing for more than a year with curiosity and enthusiasm.
The work consists of a digital sculpture depicting a little girl, immersed in an ethereal, white liquid.
The use of the work is linked to the “scroll down” gesture, typical of today’s use of smartphones or tablets and browser navigation on the most common websites.
Scrolling becomes the discovery tool with which the user reveals what lies beneath (hence the title Underneath) of the liquid, and sees a shadow transform into a real digital sculpture.
Innovation has always been linked to the concept of “art”. I think it is important for my research to explore what today are called “Digital Arts”, because it is a social, cognitive and aesthetic dimension in which we all live more and more. Thanks to the imagination of those who create and thanks to the imagination of the beholder, digital dimensions offer new perspectives and new forms of knowledge, interaction, beauty and therefore also of art.
I feel like saying this is a start. In the near future, I imagine a large project that will see my works collide with the idea of digital art experience. Hope to update you soon. In the meantime I hope you can get excited interacting with Underneath, meeting the gaze of the little girl who emerged.