“Liberi di volare”

“La giostra di Nina” until 20 June 2021 Galleria Grande of the Reggia di Venaria

In this period of limitations and closures, the eight little sparrows of “La giostra di Nina” spread their wings crossing the windows of the Galleria Grande, flying over the gardens of the Reggia di Venaria. A symbolic gesture of freedom that reminds us that it will soon be possible to take flight.

“The carousel of Nina” by Valerio Berruti
music by Ludovico Einaudi
short film co-produced by Sky Arte
on display at the Reggia di Venaria until June 20, 2021
thanks to Lavazza

Ettore D’Ovidio, computer animation
Martino Pellion di Persano, director of photography
Avio Drone, operator of the drone

The Reggia di Venaria is again open to the public. To access the Palace and visit “La giostra di Nina” you need to book, info and methods at this link: https://www.lavenaria.it/