La giostra di Nina

Church of San Domenico di Alba, MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, Great Gallery of the Reggia di Venaria


“La giostra di Nina” is the cinematographic project by Valerio Berruti made up of about 3000 drawings made by hand and joined in sequence to become frames of a video.

The monumental installation represents a large carousel, one of the most evocative symbols of childhood. The fiberglass sculpture with a diameter of 7 meters that the artist personally modeled, instead of the classic horses, is made up of birds, a symbol of everyday life and also of freedom, flanked by protagonists destined to take flight.

The special animated short, produced by Sky Arte and with the soundtrack specially written by Ludovico Einaudi, was presented in 2018 in the Church of San Domenico in Alba with an exhibition curated by Arturo Galansino on the occasion of the International White Truffle Fair. Sunrise.

In 2019 the great carousel was exhibited at the MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts on the occasion of the absolute preview presentation of the short film at the Rome Film Fest.

The animated short is currently participating in the main international film festivals enjoying great success: from the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival to the prestigious Tirana International Film Festival up to the victory, in the animated shorts category, of the first edition of the KINNO Film Festival in Moscow.

Nina’s carousel is now exhibited in the wonderful Galleria Grande of the Reggia di Venaria together with some frames that make up the video animation.

“It is the first time that Sky Arte has launched into the production of an animated film directed by an artist. In the past we have dared to translate the popular comic (The editor is in) into action and have made a series of illustrious cartoon biographies, much appreciated (Fates crossed hotel), but La Giostra di Nina holds a special place in our history. For his anachronistic and avant-garde ambition at the same time: he chooses to totally renounce digital software, in favor of an animation composed of more than three thousand drawings by the artist, he reinvents a story taken from a story by Filippo Bessone, another langhetto doc, and dance on the original music of Ludovico Einaudi. “

Roberto Pisoni

“And from the beginning this project seemed to me worthy of note, if not unique, because it ranges between different artistic techniques, including thousands of painted sheets, an animated clip and a special sculpture: a working and life-size carousel, with birds white instead of the traditional ponies, which is also a participatory installation. It is also Valerio’s first work that does not exclusively represent children, while revolving around a symbol of childhood such as the carousel. Like Valerio’s mysterious children, not even his carousel lends itself to a univocal interpretation. With its circular movement, the up and down of the sparrow-shaped sculptures, it can easily become a metaphor for life, with its cyclicality, its ups and downs, its opportunities for growth and change, and the need to chase dreams. . “

Arturo Galansino