Monticello d’Alba


“Fragments”, Monticello d’Alba

The monumental complex “Fragments” designed and built by Valerio Berruti covers the retaining wall below the Castle of Monticello d’Alba (CN) with about 100 bas-reliefs in reinforced concrete and enamel 2 meters high.

The large reinforced concrete wall in front of the town hall is transformed, it experiences a new dimension through art: thus the revolutionary and experimental project, wanted by the CRC Foundation and supported with the first edition of the “Destruction Notice”, is fulfilled. new and innovative initiative dedicated to promoting the improvement of the urban and landscape context of the province of Cuneo through demolition, mitigation and elimination actions. Because if too often unhappy choices have defaced urban centers, monuments and landscapes of our territory, today we can remedy the problem by “destroying” the ugly in favor of the beautiful. And even when destroying is impossible, one can think of enhancing the territory, radically changing the point of view: “In the project I thought of something that could be” educational “- says Valerio Berruti -. Thus, I created a work that has to do with land art, but also with the care of the public good “.

The hundred characters of Berruti do not cover the entire wall, but only a portion of it. The work is part of a living space, in constant interaction with the atmospheric agents and above all with the ivy, which for years has been the true “owner” of this space, which the artist did not want to evict. “The work is called” Fragments “- adds Berruti – but at first I thought of titling it” The cure “precisely to emphasize the need to be responsible for what we have. If the inhabitants of Monticello take care to prune the ivy, the tiles will always be visible, otherwise they will be covered with them. In some ways my work is a warning signal for an attitude that is too widespread today, for which what is public is mistreated “.