Out of your own

Al Blu di Prussia Gallery and Mother Museum, Naples


“Out of your own” curated by Maria Savarese, Al Blu di Prussia Gallery and MADRE Museum – Naples

From 18 October to 20 February 2018, an impressive installation consisting of 16 large frescoes explores the theme of childhood, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Valerio Berruti.

“Out of your own” completes the Paradise Lost cycle centered on the interaction between a child and his own shadow. Berruti’s investigation evolves from the Paradise lost project. The shadow, the innocence and the black sun, curated by Marco Enrico Giacomelli and culminating with the exhibitions at the MARCOROSSIartecontemporanea Galleries in Milan and Verona in the autumn of 2016. The discovery of one’s own projection is one of the most surprising revelations for a being human. The little protagonist of Berruti’s works plays with his shadow, discovers his mysterious side, faces fear and overcomes it lightly: a metaphor for the attitude that we should continue to assume with our darker side. On the occasion of the solo show, the catalog “Out of your own” (artstudiopaparo edition) was published with the critical text by Maria Savarese and the photographs by Mario Pellegrino which document, through an artistic reportage, the genesis of the exhibition.

“But a closer look is enough to understand that this attention for that moment of life is actually a pretext to look inside, often unable to dialogue with ourselves, trading curiosity, interest, spontaneity for the ephemeral fiction of being adults.
Berruti’s children have helpless and very sweet looks, full of thoughts, for some they may seem sad, for others only serious, but they are certainly aware of that indefinite time they find themselves in front of and in which everything can still happen “.

Maria Savarese

On 15 November 2018 at the MADRE – Donnaregina contemporary art museum in Naples – the video animation Out of your own was presented as an absolute preview, the soundtrack of which was specially written by the famous American musician Joan As Police Woman.

The presentation of the video was preceded by a dialogue between Maria Savarese, curator of the exhibition, Paolo Mele, curator of the video, Andrea Viliani, director of MADRE, and Valerio Berruti.

“Joan masters musical instruments with the same ease with which Berruti passes from one medium to another and if the first ranges between musical genres, the second does so among artistic ones. But there is (at least) another bond that unites the two artists, and that is the ability to go beyond time, or, rather, to stop it. “

Paolo Mele