Ancora una volta

Artist’s Lights, Turin


“Once again”, Luci d’artista – Turin

Since 1998, a series of artists chosen by the City of Turin have been discussing the interaction between light and the urban landscape, investigating the material, linguistic and conceptual potential of “light”: a “matter not matter” with an indisputable charm, with an extraordinary evocative value and communicative and by the great expressive versatility achieved with the continuous improvements in the lighting engineering field.

Starting from 2012, the protagonist of Valerio Berruti’s light animation relates to the space below, playing with the cars as if they were toy cars, breaking up the hair of the passersby below, reminding the frenetic passers-by of the need to play down. The 10 light frames light up simultaneously for a quarter of an hour and then light up alternately, thus giving life to a real animation. A small urban ritual that takes place 4 or 5 times an hour in order to create the expectation of those who live in the square or those who are stopped at the traffic lights. An unexpected surprise capable of making those who are in relationship with the luminous sculpture wish to play “once again”. A warning to take yourself less seriously and notice what is happening around us.