C’è troppa luce per non credere nella luce

Formal Military Accademy, Belgrado

“There is too much light not to believe in light” by Zorana Daković, Formal Military Academy – Museum of the City of Belgrade

From 7 to 30 September 2011 the Belgrade Cultural Center and the Italian Cultural Institute of Belgrade, under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy, hosted the personal exhibition of Valerio Berruti “There is too much light not to believe in light” .

In the works presented, sculptures immersed in a play of light and shadows prevail, their inseparable side. These concrete and ceramic sculptures, as well as the drawings, preserve the simplified figures of children in front of whom it is customary to feel on the one hand a certain nostalgic serenity and on the other an unease towards the future, as if one wanted to think about the period of childhood from an adult perspective. A new meaning to his work is also given by the history of the place where the exhibition takes place: it is almost impossible not to interpret the links between military doctrine, isolation, destruction, violence and the fragile profiles of the children located in this place.

“The Magdalene who, in a cone of light, welcomes us into the exhibition is also there and is simultaneously Elsewhere. It is in the wrought iron that defines its profile and at the same time in the projection on the wall that returns an enlarged silhouette. She is twofold and twice, image in image, she tries to get in the way and penetrate our reality, the space of the viewer. She would like to turn around and give us a last glance, a last warning, or a first gesture of assent. But she still she can’t, she can’t. Something new makes her shyly recline her face, lower her eyes, squat down on herself. Maybe it’s just a sign of shyness or maybe something about her again forces her into that position of discomfort for her and especially for us. Maybe we have to carry out a sense of guilt before we can return her gaze. “

Milovan Farronato