La rivoluzione terrestre

Church of San Domenico, Alba


“The terrestrial revolution” by Andrea Viliani, Church of San Domenico – Alba

In October 2011, the large medieval church of San Domenico, in the historic center of Alba (CN), hosted the unpublished project by Valerio Berruti “The terrestrial revolution”.

The exhibition, curated by Andrea Viliani, presented an impressive work by the artist: a large carousel made up of 10 frescoes on jute 5 meters high. A representation of the terrestrial revolution understood as the motion that the earth makes around the sun but which becomes a spiritual, peaceful and moral revolution, carried out on the earth by the children themselves. To complete the installation, singer-songwriter Alessandro Mannarino specially composed his famous song “Vivere la vita”.

“If Joseph Beuys affirmed The revolution is us, Berruti makes it a matter of common sense and personal feeling: the revolution, if really possible, resides in the alien and enchanted gaze (the opposite of adult disenchantment) of the children, of the beholder the world as discovery and potentiality – the painter’s favorite theme, returning, poetically obsolete as well as socially unsolved and, for this reason, current and even disturbing … And it will be an absolute as much as daily revolution, rooted in the perception of not belonging (anymore) to a world devoid of respect for others and at war with himself, I forget that his future is today, built with minimal but no less revolutionary gestures that, if practiced daily, can change the world and that, bringing the artist closer to the theme of his art, his collaborators, friends and the public, involving us all together in this project from Alba, native, earthy and solid, as universal, foreign, dreamlike and stratto … painting, just like playing, singing or writing, means getting ready to share the sense and feeling, the common and the personal, for a peaceful and festive earthly revolution “

Andrea Viliani