La figlia di Isacco

Italian Pavilion, Venice Biennale

“The daughter of Isaac” video animation by Valerio Berruti with the music of Paolo Conte

In 2009 Valerio Berruti is the youngest artist chosen by Luca Beatrice and Beatrice Buscaroli for the Italian Pavilion of the 53rd Venice Biennale. For the occasion, Berruti used drawing to achieve video animation: “Isaac’s Daughter”, an example of installed painting where music also plays a fundamental role. For this reason, Paolo Conte enthusiastically accepted the artist’s invitation to compose the soundtrack for his video installation. A special meeting between two exceptional Piedmontese: a young artist who sees in Conte a teacher and a songwriter who sublimates his bond with art.

“Apparently humble, in the choice of materials and in the“ saving ”of the sign, Valerio Berruti touches upon themes of absolute significance, children, family – which here come to the sacred scriptures, even staging the story of the Daughter of Isaac. The subsequent processing of the images in a video sequence, which winks at the universe of cartoons through a long artisan path, adds to the work a further logical snap, as if the centuries were compressed, questioned, superimposed all together to reach not so much a answer, but to a repeated question. “

Beatrice Buscaroli